Cas's is proud to offer a variety of grape juices from around the world for making fine wines.

Enjoy making wine on premise or at home with our wine making ingredients and wine making kits. Cas's Natural Brewhouse is the perfect environment, whatever your experience level. Beginners will benefit from our expert guidance, and experts will love the ease and convenience of using professional facilities for clean-up, storage, and bottling.

Making your own wine means NO liquor or sales tax on ingredients - pay as little as $4.50 per 750mL bottle! Starting out can take as little as 10 minutes - just add yeast! Your wine will be cold aged, stabilized, and cold-filtered in our bulk cooler to ensure high quality (exclusive service to Cas's). Come back in 2+ months to bottle and enjoy the finished product! We also offer oak aging for longer periods.

brew your own beer and make wine

Wine making juices

Global Vintners Inc. (Vineco)

Cheeky Monkey has revolutionized the industry as the first critter brand. Niagara Mist was the first fruit flavoured wine kit brand and is still the leader in its category. We offer more than 100 different wine kits to satisfy the preferences and tastes of every wine drinker.

Wine making instructions
Festa Juice

For over 30 years, Festa Juice has been growing the home winemaking tradition and earning your trust with only the finest grapes in every pail of Festa Juice. We are a local, family-based juice company with 25-year roots in the Ontario wine industry.

Kamil Juices

Founded in 1981, KJ Urban Winery in Guelph is a unique urban winery that takes pride in sourcing only the finest grape juices and supplies for wine making as well as supplies for the craft brewing enthusiasts.

Wine making instructions

Portofino specializes in sourcing and importing select fresh frozen grapes and fresh juices from famous vineyards around the world. We provide wineries, U-Vins and winemakers across North America with choices that ensure satisfying winemaking experiences.

Mosti Mondiale

Fresh grape must importer and distributor founded in 1989. Fresh grape must is the juice from crushing fresh grapes. 100% fresh grape must all year round. Headquartered in Sainte-Catherine, Qu├ębec.

Wine making instructions
wine making equipment at cas's brewhouse

Wine making equipment

We sell home wine making equipment.

  • 750ml/375ml/1 litre/1.5 litre glass bottles
  • Gallon jugs
  • 3L/5L/7.5L bag-in-boxes
  • Custom labels
  • Bottles, corks, filters, filter machines, floor corkers, auto syphons, profillers, tubing of all sizes, bungs and breathers, funnels
  • Sanitizers and chemicals
  • And more!








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